Beautiful Yoga Bridal Shower

The wonderful folks at Bridal Musings, shared this beautiful bridal yoga photo shoot by Andrea Lee Photography and Erin of Red Sole Events. These talented ladies envisioned the perfect relaxing theme for a bridal shower and we just LOVE it! Check out the gorgeous photos below.


Love her angelic bridal yoga outfit? You can find the pieces here:


Nikibiki Short Camisole in White
Nikibiki Crop Leggings in Metal Grey

Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-1 Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-2 Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-3

Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-10 Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-11 Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-12

Erin Daniels Holme of Red Sole Events and Andrea Cook of Andrea Lee Photography, both out of Dallas, Texas, envisioned the perfect wedding day bridal yoga session and tea brunch. Breath, release stress, enjoy the moment, and stretch your body by attending a private yoga flow class with your bridesmaids. Let the instructor know what level yogis your group consists of, and move through simple, intermediate and difficult poses, as demonstrated by models from Allen Yoga Center and Vertical Fitness, Dallas.

Ask the instructor to read for the group some passages that invoke thoughts of love and happiness. Finish your yoga session with fresh brewed tea and keep your body clean by eating healthy finger sandwiches. Finish off your bridal get together with hair and make-up and by having your friends help you into your gown!


Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-28 Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-29 Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-31 Yoga-Zen-Bridal-Shoot-Andrea-Lee-Photography-33

Get the bridesmaids look here:bridesmaids-yoga-outift

Nikibiki Short Camisole in Black
Nikibiki Crop Leggings in Black

As a bride, you work so hard to make sure the wedding day will look great, be enjoyed by all the guests, and go off without a hitch. Sure, all of this is important, but it is critical to take some time out to make sure you’re mentally and physically healthy for the big event. Yoga is a perfect way to prepare body and mind during the planning process, but it’s also a great way to relax with your bridesmaids on your wedding day. Before the hair and make-up begin, why not treat yourself and your bridesmaids to a nice tea party and yoga session, and zen out.

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