Baby Oliver : Monthly updates 1-6

As you may know, we have a new little member in the RepeatPo family, Oliver!

I shared with you weekly (for the most part) updates during my pregnancy. We all watched my belly grow and still fit in Nikibiki seamless collection (still love, still wear). Now I’m happy to share the monthly update pictures I’ve been taking of Oliver since he joined us in June of last year. Here are the first 6 monthly updates with little details about his milestones and current likes/dislikes (trick statement, he doesn’t dislike anything!).

It’s amazing to see how much he has changed in just 6 months! One thing does remain the same…he is a happy, happy boy!

It is hard to have a bad day with this little love smiling at you or every stranger that passes by. Sometimes I think I need to disguise him like a hiding celebrity so I’m not stopped in every isle for little old ladies to gawk at his red hair or laugh at his smiling, giggling face. It’s really, very troublesome people! But I do have to share! He brings so much joy to everyone he meets. This little is guy is destined for big things, I just know it!







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