Baby Oliver: 7-10 Months

I can’t believe Oliver is almost 1 year old! This year has just FLOWN by and makes me incredibly sad. But it has also been so much fun watching him grow and develop into the sweet little love he is today.

In just these 4 months, he went from sitting up to walking! How crazy is that?

Also, it’s becoming nearly impossible to take these update pictures anymore. For each month I probably take about 60 pictures, and nearly ALL of them are blurry ones of his back as he’s crawling away. For month 10, I had to recruit Daddy’s help to distract him while I took pictures. Notice his little side eye and he watches Daddy ham it up just off camera. It’s quite chaotic behind the scenes of these seemingly serene pictures.





But I’m so glad that I stuck with it. Every time I edit the latest one, I catch myself going through all the past ones. I just have to look at how little he was and remember the milestones that were dominating our world those days.

Always a little bitter sweet, I kinda get it now why people get suckered into having a second or third child. These moments go so fast, it leaves you longing for those simple days again.

But don’t worry, I’m quickly reminded of my surroundings when I hear him babbling at the top of his lungs at the dog who is barking at the mail man. I think I’ll stick with the babies I have.

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