As Seen in People Magazine Moms & Babies SpiritHoods



Let the kids get in touch with their wild side! SpiritHoods, as seen in People Magazine Moms & Babies, are fun faux furry hats the kids will go wild over!

Each animal hat feels cuddly and soft, but is built to withstand the “tough love” that kids give their favorite things. It is our goal that each SpiritHood grows with your child and lasts a lifetime. Our hoods are handmade with the best quality faux fur. We would never harm our furry friends. All SpiritHoods are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.


C’mon MOM …ALL the cool kids have them!

Join the tribe here – in stock & ready to ship!

SpiritHoods connect kids in a unique and creative way to nature and our animal friends. SpiritHoods are about friendship, family, love, generosity, and bonding with nature. A SpiritHood is more than just a cool furry animal hat, it inspires children to bond in a completely new way to the world around them.


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