How to Make an Outdoor Pillow Using Plastic Grocery Bags



Weather is starting to get nicer! That means it’s time for outdoor cocktails on the porch and what better way to accessorize your outdoor party space than with some comfy outdoor pillows! Unfortunately, these can be pricey, and rarely last very long. So here is a GREAT solution to make your own on the cheap! What these pillows lack in price they make up for in STYLE! And to top it off, you’re recycling! It’s a win for mother earth too!


1. Gather all your plastic bags. Find a bag that is about the size of your pillow cover or a bit larger to use as outer bag. Try to use the same type of bag to stuff your outer bag. Some plastic bags are thicker than others and won’t form to the shape as easily. Use the thicker bags as the bag you stuff all the other thinner bags into. Grocery store bags work the best. The kind you get at Walmart. To get a smooth and uniform pillow shape – spread each stuffing bag out and then loosely roll it, then place in the bag. Try to keep them lined up so the outer bag will stay as smooth as possible. If you just bunch them into the bag, the pillow will look lumpy.

2. Keep rolling your bags and lay into the outer bag. Press the bags down after every 10 bags or so. I used about 60 bags to get the size and density I wanted. Use more if you want an extra-firm pillow.

3. When you get the size pillow form you desire, fold over the top of the outer bag and staple it closed.

4. Add one more line of staples to ensure the seam is secure.

5. Shape the plastic bag pillow form to the size of an existing indoor pillow form if you have one.

6. Place it in the pillow cover. Don’t be afraid to press, mold, and shape it to fit your cover like a glove.

All done.


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