Homemade boutineer steals the show

Yes, it’s Winter Formal time again. The frenzy begins. 

The beautiful Nikibiki dress was the easy part of the wardrobe because we offer them on our Repeat Possessions site, but then you need the shoes and flower to tie it all together.

We found just the right sparkle shoe at the Irvine Spectrum and then  our boutineer which came out more of a coral then the pink desired. (Note to daughter: Always take the shoe or dress if trying to match a color)….so in a last minute panic, I hit up the local Ralph’s grocery store and pick up some pink Alstroemeria’s.

We quickly re-wrap the flower and got a stunning accessory to the white dress. Pics to follow over the weekend. The bonus…flowers only cost $6.00 and her date can use them for his corsage that he will give his date.

Now the fun part….pictures…….

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