Repeat Possessions Seamless Apparel & Jeweled Bra Straps are ONE SIZE FITS ALL Perfect for Gift Giving

Our Repeat Possessions Seamless Apparel makes gift giving stress free! With so many styles and color choices you are sure to find a match for all the ladies on your list! Paired up with our Jeweled Bra Straps you’ll turn your gift into something extraordinary – only the highest quality Swarovski Crystals , pearls and gemstones are used in these one of a kind keepsakes.

Midnight in Manhatten
Moonlight Serenade
Blue Rasberry

Who’s on YOUR list that deserves THE BEST?

*Co-workers*Caregivers*YOU :)*

Need Some Inspiration?
*School colors * Greek colors * Birthstones*
* Sports Teams * Favorite Colors*

Our Camisole & Jeweled Bra Straps are the perfect pair

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