Happy Pi Day


Happy Pi Day from Repeatpo! Hope you’ll be celebrating with a hearty slice of Pie! In honor of Pi Day, we’ve collected some of our favorite Pi Day goodies! Some are a bit goofy. Some a bit tongue in cheek. Others are a little more chic. And some are just delicious!

First, a little bit of silliness to start off your Pi Day! I look at this, and I wonder how I could not have made the connection on my own long ago!

Pi Day Mind Blown

I would love to get my hands on one of these Pi necklaces. I would probably only wear it on Pi Day or every now and then when I teach since it would be acceptable for a teacher to wear math-related jewelry (Though I might wait since I am still considered a young and perhaps hip teacher. And Pi jewelry may not win me the favor of the more jaded students). I’m not sure which is my favorite of these, but I’m leaning toward the simple, traditional Greek symbol!

Pi Day accessories

It’s nearly impossible to pick a true favorite pie, but the Andes Mint Cheesecake Brownie Pie caught my attention as one I’d definitely like on my plate some time soon! It features four delicious things together – it is like dessert inception. Not only does it include one of my favorite, classic candies, but it also combines three signature desserts into one. A real winner that I either need to make or find someone to make for me!


Now I don’t mean to commit blasphemy, but I’ve always actually been a much bigger fan of savory pies than of sweet pies. So I have to include my favorite recipe for a hand-held pot pie! I’ve always loved the warm flaky crust enveloping a yummy concoction of meat, vegetables, and creamy sauce!

Hand-held pot piesWhile you are feasting on pie all day, why not pull up a great math movie? But, for some reason, most of my favorite math movies involve a slight case of mental illness. But not all of them! Here are some of my recommendations for snuggling up with pie while thinking about pi on Pi Day: Proof, Good Will Hunting (Robin Williams really tells it like it is here), and A Beautiful Mind!

Proof Good Will Hunting A Beautiful Mind

And lastly, it is impossible to forget the string of puns and jokes that come with a day like Pi Day. Here are a few more chuckles for the rest of your day! For the math enthusiast in all of us~ Here’s to being irrational, indeed!

Math JokePi Day Pun Pi Day Pick-up line

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