Must Have for Halloween: Galaxy Costume

My Halloween costumes have ranged from “CRAP! I forgot there’s a Halloween party tonight, let me see what I can throw together from random stuff in my closet.” to “I spent months planning this costume and I came to slay this Halloween party!”…. from punny to clever to classic costumes and everything in between! Lately, I’ve been loving costumes that are comfortable, are made up of pieces I can wear outside of Halloween (no, thank you $70+ costume from the Halloween store!) and allow me to do some fun makeup. So when I came across this incredible galaxy makeup, I squealed because I found my Halloween costume for 2016 and I want it to be yours too! Check out how to rock this galaxy costume for yourself! (Shoutout to @qinniart for the amazing inspiration!)

The best part is this costume can be rocked solo or with 11 friends or coworkers!

Step 1: Pick your favorite pair of our galaxy leggings

Repeat Possessions Galaxy Leggings for Galaxy Costume

As you can see there is a variety of colors to choose from, in the image above the colors are (left to right, top to bottom):

• Black
• Orange
• Green
• Light Blue
• Light Grey
• Eggplant Purple
• Dark Purple
• Rose
• Blue
• Charcoal
• Red
• Purple

Step 2: Put on Your Galaxy Makeup

These Instagram images are such amazing inspiration for how to rock the galaxy makeup. It ranges from just around the eyes, to “galaxy freckles” to face and neck designs!

A photo posted by Aninha Teles (@mermaidunkana) on

A photo posted by ✏♡art♡ (@ai___zada) on

A photo posted by Brienne (@briekt) on

Need a step-by-step tutorial? Check out this one!

Step 3: Complete the Look with other Galaxy Inspired Details

Try this galaxy manicure. Match it to your leggings to really make your costume unique!


DIY a starry headpiece


Top your look off with a seamless tank top or camisole for an endless amount of color options…let your makeup extend down onto your arms, add sprinkle in a few temporary metallic tattoos and you’re set! Or go full on galaxy, shine like the stars with this sequin bandeau top.

Let us know if you’re going to be rocking this look for Halloween…and don’t forget to tag us in your photos @repeatpo!




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