Even More DIY Halloween Costumes

Time for the final installment of our 3 part series on DIY Halloween Costumes that can be made from our collection at RepeatPossessions.com. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 & Part 2 for more costume ideas and inspiration!

13. Rosie the Riveter

Inspiration Image: Wikipedia

Get the Look:
High Waisted Ripped Denim Shorts
Chambray Boyfriend Denim Shirt
Red Bandana with pin curls
• Bold Red Lips

How to Commit to the Look:
This is another iconic one like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Flashdance and Daisy Duke we covered before! Just make sure to roll up your sleeves and flex your muscle while saying “We Can Do It!” during the night! As Rosie the Riveter, you are a representation of the women who worked the jobs left open by men who went off to war, so just remember that you are the face of strong, badass women in this outfit.

14. Comfy Miss America


Get the Look:
American Flag Tank Top
American Flag Yoga Pants
American Flag Headband
Diamond Crown

How to Commit to the Look:
The comfy Miss America Costume is a pretty tongue in cheek costume that will definitely get some laughs. You could even sell this costume as “Miss America on Her Day Off”. In addition to the “All-American” look above plus crown, you can really commit to this DIY Halloween costume by adding a Miss America sash and carrying around a bouquet of flowers for the night. ANYTIME someone calls your name to get your attention, it’s your cue to do your best I-was-just-announced-as-Miss-America shocked face (bonus points for tears). If anyone asks you a question through the night, your response should begin with, “That’s a great question” and end with a “…and world peace.”

15. Kim Kardashian

Inspiration Image: DailyMail.co.uk

Get The Look:
Statement Blazer
Black Long Sleeve V-Neck Top
High Waisted Faux Leather Leggings
Statement Ring
Bold, Black Sunglasses
Black Heels
• Sleek Top Knot & Contoured Makeup

How to Commit to the Look:
There are so many ways you could sell this look that I’ll leave that up to you! Google Kim Kardashian GIF, look her up on YouTube, watch a few episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s and you’ll have an endless amount of material to pull from for our character. Bonus points for carrying around a baby doll that you dress up like Nori (her daughter, North West) and have a guy dress up as Kanye to be your counterpart and really sell the look!

16. Leopard

Inspiration Image: Wikipedia

Get The Look:
Leopard Print Leggings
Leopard Print Off-the-Shoulder Top
Leopard Spirithood
Gorgeous Leopard Makeup

How to Commit to the Look:
Just by looking at this costume, it’s pretty clear that you’re a leopard but here are a few subtle things you can do to really commit. Leopards are nocturnal so this is perfect for a Halloween party at night. They are hunters so set your eyes on your prey (cute guy by the TV, the snack table, a delicious cocktail) and plan your hunt…ideally from a high location as leopards are known for the ability to quickly climb trees.

17. Flasher


Get The Look:
White Nikibiki Bandage Skirt
Black Nikibiki Bandeau
Beige Trenchcoat

How to Commit to the Look:
The main action for this costume is perfecting the “flash”. One thing that will help sell the look is to print out and secure the CENSORED label to your bandeau top. For added modesty, you can layer one of our Seamless Nikibiki Camisoles in a skin tone color underneath the bandeau. This costume is not for the faint of heart so make sure you’re ready to commit 😉

18. Regina George


Get The Look:
Black Nikibiki Bandange Skirt
Pink Cardigan
Purple Bra
Black Heels
• Inexpensive Fitted White Tank Top with Holes Cut Out (like above)

How to Commit to the Look:
Ideally, get a couple of friends to dress up as the rest of the Mean Girls crew to really make an appearance at any Halloween Party. The 3 things you’ll need to really commit to this look are: 1) a serious strut, 2) a subtle but effective evil eye, 3) the quotes. Use this as an excuse to re-watch Mean Girls to “study” for your costume. In case you don’t have time, here are some notable quotes you’ll want to have on hand:
“Get in loser, we’re going shopping.”
“Is butter a carb?”
“I really want to lose 3 pounds.”
“Oh my god Karen, you can’t just ask people why their white?”
“You’re like really pretty…..so you agree, you think you’re really pretty?”
and finally, “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen! It’s not going to happen!”

So there you go! You’ve got 18 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes to choose from. Let us know which one you go with over on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram using @repeatpo

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