DIY Halloween Costumes With Clothes You Can Actually Wear Again

Strawberry Halloween Costume, Pineapple Halloween Costume, Ice Cream Halloween Costume, Food Costumes

I am 100% Team DIY-A-Halloween-Costume…I’ve never really been a fan of spending $50+ on a prepackaged costume that you wear once or twice before it falls apart/you lose it/it’s no longer cool. Also, it’s pretty awkward when you show up at a Halloween party in the EXACT same costume as someone else. So, we’re here to help you with NO-FUSS, comfortable, clever, unique, and cute costumes made with clothes that you can actually wear again! And I don’t mean you can wear them again at Halloween next year, you can work them into perfectly into your regular wardrobe (and they don’t cost a small fortune!).

Eleven from Stranger Thing

Source: Netflix

What you’ll need:

Peach Dress $5

Jacket $49

• Fake Blood (save money and just use some lipstick instead of fake blood from a Halloween shop)

• An Empty Box of Eggos (really, it’s just a great excuse to eat a whole box)

Beyonce a la The Pregnancy Announcement

Source: Instagram

What You’ll Need:

Sequin Bustier Bra $5 or Seamless Bandeau in Eggplant $8

Blue Shorts in Denim Blue $29

• Pale Green Tulle

• Faux or Real Flowers

If you’re not pregnant but want to easily fake it, layer a nude seamless camisole under your bralette and stuff your “belly”.

A Loofah

Source: Pinterest

What You’ll Need:

Colorful Bandage Dress $20

• Matching Tulle

• Elastic

• 1-2 Feet of Rope

Check out this great tutorial on how to easily DIY the loofah.

Strawberry, Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone or Pineapple

Strawberry Halloween Costume, Pineapple Halloween Costume, Ice Cream Halloween Costume, Food Costumes
Sources: Strawberry, Pineapple, Ice Cream Cone

Food costumes are easy, cute and definitely re-wearable sans “food” items!

What You’ll Need:

• Seamless 3/4 Sleeve Dress $32 or Seamless Tank Top Dress $25 or a Camisole / Leggings Combo $41

• For the Strawberry: white or black felt (for the seeds), construction paper & a headband

• For the Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone: mini popsicle sticks & paint or colorful felt, a brown paper bags, & a headband

• For the Pineapple: construction paper, a toilet paper roll & a headband


Crayon Costume, Group Costumes, DIY Costume
Source: Pinterest

Such a great costume for a group!

What You’ll Need:

Strapless Dress $20

• Black felt or construction paper

• Safety pins or thread & needled

• Paper for hat (matching color of dress)

Cat Woman

Cat Woman Costume, DIY Cat Woman Costume, Easy Costume
Source: Thrifty Northwest Mom

A classic, simple Halloween costume with items you’ll definitely wear again!

What You’ll Need:

Highwaist Black Leggings $28 or Seamless Leggings $22

Long Sleeve Seamless Turtleneck $29 or Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Top $29

• Cat Ears

• Fierce cat-eye makeup and some whiskers!

Olive Oyl

DIY Olive Oyl and Popeye Costumes
Source: Pinterest

What You’ll Need:

Red Long Sleeve Seamless Scoop Neck $29

Black Pencil Skirt $22

• White Felt (for the collar overlay)

• Gold Ribbon (for the skirt trim)

• Brown booties and white socks

Simply find your Popeye and you’re ready to go!


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