Celebrating Father’s Day

Sometimes celebrating Father’s Day can be a little bit tricky. If your dad is anything like mine and he’s reluctant to spend any money, gifts are an uncertain matter. My brothers and I wanted to show our gratitude, but our dad never gave a hint as to what he might like!

These days we’ve got suggestions and options at the edge of our fingertips across the web! Now every dad is different, but perhaps these suggestions may provide ideas that will bring a smile to dad’s face on Father’s Day.

For the Classic Dad

The classic dad – a man who has an appreciation for function and durability.

Father's Day: Vest Legionnaire Black Watch

Vestal Legionnaire Black Canvas Watch has a strong, over-sized buckle matched with leather and canvas. It has extra reinforcement. This watch also has a slight military inspiration, great for dads who’d rather forgo flashiness.








Father's Day: Steve Madden Men's Watch Steve Madden Men’s Silver & Black Kat Watch has a similar simple, but bold style. The stainless steel and black face are great for dad’s more formal outings and offer that smooth sophistication befitting the classic dad.









For the Handy Dad

We all know there are dads who like DIY just as much as some of our moms do! But, of course, their DIY projects come in different shapes and forms.

Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids IFather's Day: Handy Dadf you’ve got little ones running around the house and a Handy Dad, why not inspire dad with activities that are safe to do with the kids? Fulfilling dad’s DIY desires while bringing the family together!









Father's Day: MagnoGripMagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband may seem like too simple a Father’s Day gift. But when you really consider it, it could be Handy Dad’s closest friend in those moments when he doesn’t have anyone nearby to hand him a nail or a bolt! Or when he’s high above the ground on a ladder and a nail slips out of his fingers without the help of the MagnoGrip 311-090!






For the Tech Dad

Maybe your dad loves tinkering with the newest technology or the latest innovation. Father’s Day gifts for the Tech Dad can get a little pricey, but if you’ve saved enough to spoil him this one day out of the year ~ Go for it!Father's Day: GoPro Hero3

GoPro Hero3 Camcorder is for the adventurous Tech Dad who’d be happy to be the protagonist of his own action-adventure movies! And Tech Dad wouldn’t miss a chance to capture moments with the family in an irresistibly unique and fun way!






Father's Day: Amazon Fire TVAmazon Fire TV is for all the Tech Dads who’d rather put the past culture of TV watching behind. This is for any dad who wants to watch what he wants, when he wants (well with the permission of mom of course)! Amazon Fire TV comes in a small box, but it has tons of features from streaming to gaming!





 For the Dapper Dad

Now, I don’t have a Dapper Dad. But I met many a Dapper Daddy during the years I spent on the East Coast amidst Ivy League professors and Manhattan socialites and business associates. So I can’t claim much familiarity with these gifts, but they’ve been highly recommended!

Father's Day: Tie Bar

The Tie Bar Something so small, but it can hold great significance in the world of the Dapper Dad. This one is simple and elegant, but you can also find many more at Cufflinks.com. Some include hidden engraved messages or unique designs.








Father's Day: Herschel WeekenderHerschel Supply Co. Weekender If your Dapper Dad spends weekends out of town every now and then, a weekender made by one of the top bag-makers might make a great gift for Father’s Day. It fits an overnight change of clothes and the essentials. But what’s really nice is the underneath storage pocket for extra shoes.







For the Geeky Dad

Geek may not be your favorite word. But oftentimes there’s no other word that can describe all of our dads who can’t part with their toys. But some of those toys we all secretly like anyways! So let’s spoil our Geeky Dads!

How about an R2-D2 USB Car Charger or a Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set?

Father's Day: R2-D2 USB Car Charger Father's Day: Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set

I don’t think too many words are necessary to address the appeal of these gifts! But if you’re interested in more options check out ThinkGeek Gifts for Dad!

There may not be a perfect gift for your dad, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate something from the heart! You can always show dad the love of the family with an outing to a ballgame or dinner at his favorite restaurant too! There’s still time! When Father’s Day arrives, we hope you have a wonderful day with dad!

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