8 Must-Have Clothes for Thanksgiving

If you’re anything like me, Thanksgiving is an excuse to eat more carbs and calories in one sitting than you would ever consider acceptable on a normal day. I’m already a pretty big eater but somehow my body makes even more room in my stomach on Thanksgiving…or my eyes just see mashed potatoes and the “I’m full” sensor turns off! The worst part of the intense eating is when you don’t plan ahead and wear an outfit that has no forgiveness of your inability to say no to a third helping of stuffing…but we’ve got you covered! Today I’m going to cover 4 tops and 4 bottoms that are must have for hiding a Thanksgiving Day food baby and making you comfortable enough to not question a slice of pie after dinner. Check out these 8 Must-Have Clothes for Thanksgiving:

Turtleneck Tunic Dress

Sleeveless Turtleneck Tunic Dress

This tunic dress can be dressed up, if you’re the kind of family that does a more fancy Thanksgiving, with a blazer & some black slacks and still look adorable and give lots of room to hide a tummy full of food! You can also dress it down with a cardigan and jeans or leggings.

Long Sleeve Flowy Top

Repeat Possessions Heather Gray Piko Long Sleeve Top


This top is the best of both worlds! It’s incredibly soft and flowy with lots of room, but the scoop neckline allows for a more dressed up look (while you get to feel like you’re wearing pajamas!) for the perfect Thanksgiving day outfit. Take a cue from Renee above and pair it with Nikibiki leggings, this gorgeous purple duster with fringey lace and our houndstooth scarf.

Sleeveless Tie-Dye Flowy Top

 Black White Tie Dye Tank

Assuming your Thanksgiving dinner is anything like my families, the house is about 1,000 degrees by the time you eat dinner because the oven has been on all day and it’s cold enough outside that nobody will open a door or window to cool the place down. And my mom ALWAYS has the fireplace on, as if we need the house to be warmer! So this tie-dye tank is a must have for me. It’s got room to more and breathe (code for eat more mashed potatoes). Bonus with the tie-dye pattern because it can help disguise and spills!

Waffle Knit Long Sleeve Tunic

Waffle Knit Tunic Top


There is something about a waffle knit top that just screams fall! This top is great for Thanksgiving dinner because the arms are fitted but the body of the shirt hangs nicely and loosely. For a shirt that’s not flowy like the others, it’s cut perfectly to hang loose enough to be comfy yet not so loose that it’s unflattering! It comes in white & purple too. Renee (above) paired hers with our tie-dye flare leggings for an adorably comfy, 70’s inspired look.


Nikibiki Long Smooth Leggings

As if this wasn’t a given, these seamless leggings are clearly the front runner for Thanksgiving dinner bottoms! They can be passed off as sleek pants when tucked into boots with a tunic top over them! Pair these plums ones pictured with the gray Piko top from above and a lush pair of brown boots and you’ll show up to Thanksgiving dinner looking like you jumped straight off the account of any reputable fashion blogger! If plum isn’t you thing, these leggings come in about 10 other colors.

Maxi Skirt

Striped Maxi Skirt

If you’ve never worn a maxi skirt, I’ll let you in a little secret. They are essentially Yoga pants without the inside part of each leg. Maxi skirts instantly make you look stylish and put together but not one will really know just how comfortable you really are! Especially with the fold-over, stretchy waistband, you can eat all the stuffing and cranberry sauce your heart desires!

Houndstooth Leggings

Nikibiki Houndstoot Leggings

Similar to the leggings above, these are a must-have Thanksgiving outfit. The stretchy, seamless material will ensure your comfort as you eat all the food on Thanksgiving, but the pattern will instantly dress up your outfit. For a more casual look, pair these with the white tunic top (like the tan one above) & some black ankle booties. To dress them up, pair with the turtle-neck tunic dress you see above & a long mens-wear style blazer.

Yoga Pants

T-Party Fold Over Yoga Pants

I’m a firm believer that no one will question your outfit if you wear it with confidence. Show up to dinner in Yoga pants and as long as your top is cute & you’re not wearing slippers, no one will notice that you’re wearing the exact same pants you plan to lounge in later that evening. These T-Party yoga pants come in lots of colors & alternate waistband options so you have endless amount of insanely comfortable Thanksgiving day bottoms to wear that will stretch to accommodate a food baby!

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