Friday Favorites St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day means Irish pride, green galore, and festive treats! I love celebrations big and small, and St. Patrick’s Day is definitely one that is fun to celebrate. Here are some St. Patrick’s Day goodies that have caught my eye!

Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Nails

Green Nails 1 Green Nails 2

These are simple designs that are easy to do yourself! I particularly like the one on the right since it plays with a few different patterns and colors all for the fun of St. Patrick’s Day!

Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry

Shamrock Ring Shamrock Necklace

And what better to complement those pretty nails with a lovely shamrock ring! And we all need a little luck, so it wouldn’t hurt to have your own personal four-leaf clover necklace. BUT I think this next one definitely takes the cake – my ultimate favorite because I’m a sucker for sentimentalism…


LUCKY CHARMS charm bracelet – so cute! so lovely! When I was five-years-old, I was afraid of leprechauns, whether or not they advertised cereal, because my school convinced me that leprechauns invaded the bathrooms just to make the school toilet water green! Who does that?

 Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Fashion

Green Fashion - emerald skirt Green fashion - mint skirt Green fashion - emerald pants

I love the long skirts, both the vibrant emerald green and the soft mint green! My two favorite colors are red and green, but if I ever wear them together people scream Christmas. So the pairing of red with mint green is a real win. And it’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! A pair of emerald green pants like the ones in the picture on the right would also be appropriate for the office 🙂

Saint Patrick’s Day Meal

Sweet Potato Corn Beef Hash

I’m a big fan of the classic corned beef hash. This recipe sounds particularly yummy since it adds in some sweet potatoes, and I’m also a fan of sweet potatoes. I think I’ll try this recipe out come March 17th!

Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Dessert

baileys irish cream brownie

And Bailey’s infused brownies…a perfect end to a very green and Irish day!

So what’s the verdict? What favorite St. Patrick’s Day-themed goodies have you uncovered?

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