Friday Favorites: Oscar Party Edition!

Happy Friday again folks! Ready for a special edition Friday Favorites? This week is Oscar Party themed! Since the Academy Awards are on Sunday, a couple of us friends decided to have our first Oscar Party! So all week I’ve been on the hunt for some special treats and goodies to make the party special. Here is what I’m loving this week for Oscar Party night!

Favorite Snack: Designer Popcorn Recipes

I love the new trend of dressing up standard popcorn with fun flavors! Here is a great source with 5 delicious sounding recipes!

oscar party popcorn

Favorite Decor: Modern Hollywood

There are tons of AMAZING Oscar Party decor ideas, but most are little over the top for me and a couple friends. So I’m drawn to this simple take on the theme. Classic black and white with a couple cute movie props. So inviting and fun!

oscar party decor


Favorite Menu: Easy Oscar Eats

I’m still hunting for a few special treats but I love the simplicty of this Oscar part menu from People Magazine.



Favorite Dessert: Popcorn Cupcakes

Could anything be cuter than these cupcakes made to look like buckets of popcorn?! I adore these!


Favorite for Best Picture: Boyhood

I love ALL the movies up for Best picture this year… so this was really hard for me. But in the end, Boyhood won it for me. Its original and epic how they shot the film. Such an amazing project. And its also set around my age, so I have a personal draw to it. It felt like watching myself grow up or a friend. I doubt it will win but I sure would like to see that!

oscar party best picture


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