Friday Favorites: Food, Fitness & Fashion

Hey there! If you haven’t really met me yet, I’m Taryn the newest blogger for Repeat Possessions!

I figured doing a Friday Favorites to introduce myself to would a good idea. A few quick things about me, I’m a California girl born and raised living in beautiful, sunny Southern California. I’m in my late twenties *tear* and I work as a social media manager. Also, I have a 2 year old rescue dog named Charlie who has be wrapped around his adorable paw….isn’t he so stinking cute?!

My pup, Charlie

OK, here we go…You could say that food is my life. I mean, my boyfriend and I even have a running joke that when he asks me if I’m hungry, my answer is “always. I’m never NOT hungry!” so let’s get these Friday Favorites started with the food I can’t stop eating lately!



Am I showing my true California girl self yet? In the last couple of years, I have developed a serious addiction to avocado. I don’t even care what for it comes in guacamole, in sandwich, on an omelet, by itself with some hot sauce? I’m an equal opportunity avocado eater and 9 times out of 10 when I’m out to eat, I will add avo to my meal if it’s not already on there.

Next up, my fitness favorites! I’m a very busy girl and also very good at putting working out on the back burner in my life. Luckily I can’t escape my daily walks with my pup so that at least helps keep me moving.

FitBit Flex


I recently just jumped on the activity tracker band wagon and I started with a FitBit Flex and I love it! I even got cute bands so I can change it out to match my outfit. But I’m totally in love with it! I’m always checking where I’m at in my quest of hitting 10k steps in a day, I even have been caught doing a happy dance when I hit my steps before the end of the day was even close. I also really like how it tracks my sleep and let’s me know how restless my sleep was the night before…sometimes it’s so bad, but I feel better (weirdly) because I have the visual evidence to say, “wait, I actually did get an awful nights sleep! No wonder I’m so groggy today.” And then I’ll make an effort to get to bed earlier and more relaxed the next night!



I constantly preach the benefits of yoga, you’d think I was getting paid to be a spokesperson for the activity! I really do swear by yoga for keeping my stress low, helping me relax at the end of the day, starting my day off with a light workout, maintaining my physical health, etc. Most nights, I do about 20 minutes of yoga to wind down, more if my body is feeling extra stiff and tense, and it’s kind of my meditation. I turn my brain off and just focus on what my body is doing and really feeling the stretch. If you’ve been hesitant about practicing yoga, I urge you to please give it a shot!

Bold Patterns


I’ve always been a fan of statement pieces..necklaces, shoes, scaves, etc…but lately I’m loving bigger statement pieces in bold patterns like these pants! I’m a big fan of clothing that can speak for itself and only needs to be pair with basics like a white tee, or a bold jacket with black skinny jeans and a plain tank. Keeping my eyes peeled for the important statement pieces lately. What are you favorite statement pieces? Share them with me on our Repeat Possessions Facebook page.

Lady-like Glam


In almost today contrast to the bold patterns and statement pieces, I’ve been totally coveting lady-like glam lately. There is something so sophisticated and sexy about a blouse tucked into a midi skirt with simple jewelry and classic shoes. Have you ever noticed that when you wear a skirt or a dress, you immediately feel more dressed up? Now, give me a skirt in a bold pattern to pair with a silk black button down, and you’ve mastered to blend my two Fashion Friday Favorites!

Looking forward to blogging and sharing more about myself and my style with you! Share your Friday Favorites with me in the comments below!

xoxo T



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