Friday Favorites: Bring On Summer!

Hey lovely folks!

It’s been a very hectic last few weeks and I can’t believe its already June! We just got back from nice little vacation in Pensacola FL, visiting my husband’s sister and family. The weather was pretty good, rained a bunch but that kept the terrible humidity down from suffocating to barely breathable. But it was nice, and felt like actual summer, which something I don’t get too much of up here in Nor Cal. So in honor of that and summer time in general, I thought I’d share my favorites this week inspired by our trip!

Favorite Fashion: Palazzo pants

I’m in love with this trend. Like a real love. The kind you tell stories about to your children one day. Loose, comfy and COOL, palazzo pants are great for humid climates. I don’t always want to be shaving my legs (I have a toddler, don’t judge me) so this is a great way to hide the gams but still feel summery! Its like a maxi skirt, but with more mobility!

palazzo pants
source: Style Pantry

Favorite Recipe: Chicken Tacos with Mango Avocado Salsa

This recipe is one of our go-to summer hits. Anybody we share it with, love its also. Sister in-law enjoyed it a few years back when we first came to visit. So it was on the menu again for this trip. Make extra because its great with some tortilla chips too!

chicken tacos

Favorite Kiddie Find: Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket

We’ve had our son Oliver in baby floats for awhile now. But for this trip, we wanted to graduate him to something that allowed him to practice swimming more and have a bit more freedom. So we got one of these puddle jumper life jackets. It was great! Took him a little bit to get used to, but after one day he was ready to go. I didn’t like as much in the pool (still gotta keep a hand on him to help) but at the beach he was free to run around and play as much as he wanted.

Happy little water baby!

Favorite Bar: Wisteria Tavern

Thrillist  named it one of the 21 best dive bars in America. The house we rented for the trip just happened to be a couple blocks away from it. So driving past it one night we saw the neon lights buried among a quiet residential neighborhood and thought “oh we have to go in there!” It doesn’t look like much on the outside. But inside is packed with tasty beer, some fun games, a sweet dog and locals who treat you like family.

source: Thrillist
source: Thrillist


Favorite Manicure: Summer neon butterfly

I’ve been super into doing my own manicures and nail art lately. So I thought why not take on an ambitious project while I’ve got nothing but time on my vacation! Enter, this design. It features a neon gradient and some pretty butterfly wing art. Mine did not turn out nearly as pretty as these, but not terrible for a first attempt. And my nieces knew they were butterflies instantly, so I call that a win!

source: beautemaniere
source: beautemaniere


That’s all for now! Enjoy these Friday Favorites and let us know what you’re loving this week in the comments below =)

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