Friday Favorites

Happy Friday folks! We’re back again and that means we all survived another week. It’s been a busy one for me, but I still found time (as I always do) do find some favorites on my Pinterest feed. So let’s get to it shall we!? Oh and don’t forget, we are taking open submissions for guest bloggers! Want to share you favorites for a week? Want to be featured on our blog? Want to be kinda famous? Let us know in the comments below! Ok, now for real…onto my Friday Favorites for this week!

Favorite Furniture: Waterfall Vanity

I’ve been in the process of decorating our bedroom. I made plans to add a vanity area for myself as a treat. I always wanted one and now that I kinda sorta know what I’m doing with makeup now, I wanted a special place for me to indulge. Also, I hate fighting over the mirror with my husband in our tiny little bathroom. So anyway, my mom heard that I was on the hunt for a vanity and she offered her own waterfall vanity she kept in her guest bedroom! I can’t wait to get it and make it mine! I was going to paint it white but this picture below in natural wood makes me question that decision…so we’ll see what happens!


Favorite DIY: Felt Plant-able Garden

I want to start gardening again and teaching Oliver about where food comes from is very important to me. I’m gonna let him have a little corner in my garden but I like this idea of an indoor garden that is mess free for rainy days. Great tutorial for it and I have WAY more felt than any one human being should be allowed to own. So I guess this is perfect for me!


Favorite Quote: “If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go.”


Favorite Hair Color: COLOR and lots of it!

Ever since I chopped my hair, I’ve been toying with idea of adding color. LOTS of color. For someone who has had mile long locks for a long time, dying hair a crazy color was a HUGE commitment. Now however, which my fresh new lob, the idea of going wild with color is very appealing. Why not? Its just hair! And more importantly, its just SHORT hair! Right now I’m kinda digging a little patch of galaxy colors like this picture.


Favorite Tattoo Idea: Video Game Life Bar

I have quite a few ideas for tattoos, but one that is DEFINITELY happening is a version of this. My best friend and I have always shared video games as our bonding time. So we plan to get this matching tattoo as our love for the games and our love for the fun we have. Can’t decide if I want it this big or not. But I like that you can clearly see the pixels which is a big hit with me so I may need to go large to get that detail.e7e368454679bf35341e5c2bc0e441b3

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