Outdoor Spring Decor

Brighten up your garden or patio with some fun and creative spring decor! Sure, April will bring some showers. But with May flowers, it’s fun to decorate!

If you love gardening, why not get inventive with your planters? Here are some of the more unique, eye-catching and festive planters we’ve seen on Pinterest. These ideas are especially great because they make use of old, discarded items. So they’re Eco-friendly and will make wonderful components to your outdoor decor!

upcycling upcycling spring decor  spring decor upcycling spring decor

In addition to creative ideas for planters, inventive garden and patio lighting is also on the list of great outdoor decor. Most of these DIY ideas are easy and inexpensive to make as well! Just click on the photos for links on how to make them and get more project ideas!

outdoor lighting outdoor lighting outdoor lighting outdoor lightingoutdoor lighting outdoor lighting

And who wouldn’t wanted to try a few random odds and ends to liven things up a bit? Something as simple as up-cycling an old lamp to make a birdbath or otherwise adorable decorative item. Or using an old tire to make a cushion for the outdoors. And adding in DIY wind chimes for a bit of color and a little bit of music for your garden or patio. The possibilities are endless!

random odds and ends random odds and ends random odds and ends


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