Make It Monday: DIY studded Thin Bracelets

Tools and Materials
Thin webbing and leather strips, 1/8″ to 1/2″ wide
Clasps, tags, jump rings
Craft knife
Round needle-nose pliers and nylon jaw pliers

For Webbing
Cut webbing or leather length to fit wrist. Push stud spikes through webbing and fold closed with needle-nose pliers.

For Leather Bracelets
Press stud into strip, creating an indentation where each spike will go. Use the tip of your craft knife to pierce the leather at each of these marks. Push stud through at these marks, closing spikes around leather with your needle-nose pliers. Squeeze with nylon jaw pliers to secure studs.

If using studs wider than your leather, fold perpendicular spikes in before attaching stud, then fold parallel spikes over the edge of strip, clamping stud in place.

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