DIY Projects Featuring Mason Jars

There’s something about the Mason Jar that’s incredibly stylish. It can be used in so many different ways and has a way of transforming a space into something more creative and fun! These DIY projects only skim the surface of the possibilities you can create with these simple jars, which are easy to grab in bulk at your local crafts store!

1. Backyard Mason Jar Lighting

Backyard Mason Jar Lighting

String up this unique strand of lights in your backyard or around your home using Mason jars for a rustic decor look. The charming string of jars is perfect for lighting up intimate settings like a cozy summer dinner or special family occasions, weddings, and birthdays!

If you’re comfortable with your average tools, fasten together your Mason jars with metal wire. Just punch holes through the jar lids that are big enough to accommodate the wire, which is interwoven with a string of bulbs.

Mason Jar with stringed bulb

If you’d rather opt for a simpler means of creating beautiful light fixtures out of Mason jars, fill them with tea light candles. Both effects will give you a soft, luminous glow!

Mason Jar with Tea Light Candles Mason Jar with Tea Light Candles in water

Even if you don’t string them together, they still create an almost dreamlike quality that can whisk you away to another world within your own backyard.

Colored mason jar lanterns

2. Glow in the Dark Mason Jar Nightlights

Another great way of using Mason jars as a source of light would be to convert it into a nightlight with glow-in-the-dark paint found at your local arts and crafts store. Tulip Glow Paint is a fun option since it can be used on fabric as well.


All you have to do is wash and dry your Mason jars thoroughly before applying your glow-in-the-dark paint! Another good tip to keep in mind is to make sure that the consistency of your paint is even. Be creative with your design!

painting mason jar

These only uses dots, but they still look amazing. Like a collection of tiny fireflies! I look forward to making a couple of different patterns myself! They’ll be great for lighting up closets, the stairway, or the kitchen counter at night.

Glow-in-the-dark Mason Jar Night Light

3. Vases! Vases! And more vases!

I think that this DIY project needs no explanation! Mason jars just make really cute vases – end of story. But here are a few that have caught my eye, in case you’d like to recreate your own or bum off some inspiration!

Golden Mason Jar Vase Silver Mason Jar Vase

Gold, copper and silver painted Mason jar vases are effortlessly charming! All you need is some paint and voila!

Glitter Mason Jar Vase

But if you’d like to take your metallic vases to the next level, add some glitter for more texture and variation.

Seashell Mason Jar Vase Shining Star Mason jar vase

Adding something as simple as a seashell or star can transform your mason jar into the perfect addition for your nautical or space-themed decor. If you have a particular theme in mind, there are endless possibilities.

Hanging Mason jar vase Hanging Mason jar vase 2

The addition of a hook or chain allows you to use your Mason jars as hanging vases too. I consider them a bit more charming than your typical hanging planters, wouldn’t you?

4. Creative Storage Receptacles

I know that Mason jars are already storage receptacles on their own, but you can still take them to the next level of creativity. Decorating the inside or the sides might get in the way of being able to see what you’re actually storing. So why not make inventive use of the lids? Add a unique, personalized touch! Here are some fun ideas!


For the cat enthusiast! Just glue your cat figurines to the Mason jar lids and spray paint them your favorite color to give it the finished look!

Quick Sand lids 1

I might be a little strange, but I love this idea! It looks like everyone has fallen into quicksand! Especially once you fill it with whatever materials you plan to store in the Mason jars! This DIY project is a little more involved, so let’s go through the steps together.

Quick Sand lids how to 1

First, assemble all of the necessary supplies: Mason jars, craft glue, figurines, small saw, sand paper, cutting board, and paint color of your choice. Next, cut off all of your figurines’ legs or arms or both! I’ll leave out the photographs since it gets a bit graphic!

Quick Sand lids how to 2

Once you’ve gathered all the arms, legs, hands, and feet that you want, sand them down on your sandpaper. That way your limbs will attach to the lids of your Mason jars more smoothly.

Quick Sand lids how to 3

Glue them down!

Quick Sand lids how to 4

Final touch, paint your limbs and wait for them to dry!

Quick Sand lids how to 5

Then, your crazy, cool storage receptacles will be complete!

Quicksand lidded Mason jar

Here are just a few of the DIY projects you can create with the Mason Jar, but we hope you get out there and test your creative skills! We’d love to see your creations. Share the love with with @repeatpo! We’re on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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