DIY Pretty Faux Fur Boot Shapers From Water Bottles

I’ve seen tutorials for using swim noodles as boot shapers, and that is pretty genius. However, I think Maegan has that beat with her totally precious diy boot shapers with faux fur and tassles! Requires a bit more work to create, but I think the result is so adorable it makes it worth the extra steps!

If you already have swim noodles in your boots, don’t waste them! Just follow her tutorial from the fur part on and use them instead of water bottles! Happy crafting!
Here is all that you’ll need:

* SmartWater bottles {two 33.8 fl.oz.bottles per each boot stay}
* Scissors
* Duct Tape
* Hot Glue Gun {I started with Mod Podge – big mistake! Huge.}
* Short Pile… Faux fur {or another thick fabric or textile}
* Ribbon {+ a lighter}
* Tassels

Click here for her full tutorial

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