Woman Crush Wednesday: Emma Watson

emma watson


This week’s woman crush Wednesday goes out to Emma Watson! We’ve watched this darling grow up on the set of the Harry Potter films, but unlike most child stars, she didn’t go crazy the minute she turned into an adult. Quite the opposite! Emma is the embodiment of grace and poise. A great example for young women everywhere!

emma watson

Have you seen her UN Speech she gave last year? SO moving! She is a beacon for gender equality and I love it! Check out her project, HeForShe.

emma watson

Love the work she and others are doing to bring the word Feminism back to what it should be. NOT a bad word. And not a woman to be feared.


On a slightly less serious note, but still something I think is awesome. She also has recently been cast as Belle in Disney’s live action version of Beauty & Beast.¬†emmawatsonbeautyandthebeast

Why do I love this? Because for a girl going after the feminist image, playing Belle is the right move. Belle is also a girl who think she should be allowed to speak up for herself, have her own thoughts and ideas, and be a strong independent person. So while it may seem like just another movie role, I applaud Emma Watson for aligning her personal beliefs with her acting career. Can’t wait to see the movie!


What are your thoughts on Emma?


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