6 Beach Workouts For Summer

Who wants to be stuck in the gym on a beautiful summer day? I’ll tell you who- nobody. Luckily for us coastal dwellers, we’ve got the beach on our side. A gorgeous view, challenging sand, and red hot lifeguards, you know, in case you suddenly become out of breath. Safety first!

I’ve put together some of my favorite beach workouts, where you can simultaneously work on your tan and your fitness all in one place. These exercises will test your balance, endurance, and core strength while toning up your muscles and keeping your bikini body on point.

Grab your sunscreen, a bottle of water, and let’s hit the beach!

1. Suicide Sprints

RP Blog- Sprints 1

photo source: livestrong.com

Begin by drawing 4 lines in the sand, each several feet apart and mark a starting point. Sprint to the first line, tap it, and sprint back to the starting point. Repeat for each of remaining 3 lines. Continue for 3 reps.


2. Walking Lunges

photo source: drillercrossfit.com

This one will test your balance and make you really feel the burn in your legs and booty. Sink into a lunge with your chest up, arms at your sides and a 90-degree angle in your knee, and bring your back foot forward to meet your front. Repeat starting with alternate leg. Make sure to keep your knee directly over your foot when in the lunge position. Lunge walk as far as you can.

• Increase the difficulty by holding small dumbells or filled water bottles in each hand.


3. Side Shuffles + Squat Tap

RP Blog- Side Shuffle

photo source: self.com

With this exercise, you’ll only do one shuffle per side, each ending with a squat and touch. Start with your feet together, shuffle by stepping out to the right, squat low and touch the sand. Quickly bring your right foot back in to touch your left foot, and immediately shuffle to the opposite side by stepping out to the left. That’s 1 rep. Continue for 10 reps.

• Stay low and drag your feet through the sand for a stronger effect.


4. Water Jog

RP Blog- Water Jog 1

photo source: leftcoastrunning.com

Walk into the water until you get about thigh/waist deep, whichever you prefer. Pick a starting landmark parallel to you and an ending mark about 30 to 40 yards away. Jog parallel to the waterline until you hit the ending point, come out of the water, and sprint in the sand back to the starting point. Continue for 3 reps.


5. Spider Plank

RP Blog- Plank

photo source: 30dayfitneschallenges.com

These are very similar to Mountain Climbers, however instead of pulling your knees in towards your chest, you will be pulling them out to the side. Start in a basic plank position with your palms in the sand. Turn your right knee out to the side and pull towards your elbow. Repeat on the left. Continue for 10 reps on each side.


6. Line Jumps

RP Blog- Line Jumps

photo source: jumpingmousefitness.wordpress.com

Draw a line in the sand as a reference point. Jump laterally from one side to the other 20 times (10 on each side), keeping your core tight.

•  For more of a challenge, try this exercise on one foot!


Try these 6 beachy workouts for a whole body workout while enjoying a great view!

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