The Magic That Is Cookie Butter


Folks, there once was a time that I did not know what cookie butter was. And those were sad, miserable days of my life. But just a few shorts months ago, the clouds parted, and the heavens brought forth the magic that is cookie butter to me. Now I’m here to share this wisdom (and a butt-load of calories) with you, so that you may also know true joy!

Ok sorry, that was a little heavy…but SERIOUSLY! Awhile back Nutella was all the rage with the cool kids. And its still very, very delicious. But now, there is a new babe in town and she’s called cookie butter. If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll explain: imagine puppies giggling on your tongue and all the Christmas presents you could ever want…that’s close to what eating cookie butter is like. Curious? I don’t blame you. That sounds amazing. Let’s go on.

What does it taste like? 

The best way to describe it is like cookie dough with a hint of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. It has the consistency like peanut butter so its perfect for spreading on anything from celery to ice cream. Its sweet, but an indulgent sweet, not a sickening sweet. At least to me.

Where can you get it?

Its brought to you by the Gods among men at Trader Joe’s. But if you don’t have one of those near by (I’m sorry) no worries! You can also now get it on Amazon.

How fattening is it?

I’m gonna be honest with you, its A LOT fattening. The serving size is only 90 calories, but that’s like the size of the thimble, so either pay super attention to your portion control or (like me) say “EFF IT, YOLO!” and dive right in!

And if you do choose that option (which I highly recommend) then you might worry about getting some on you. Don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of styles for you in the cookie butter (suntan) color so no one can see the mess you’ve become and shame you. Hooray!


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