My Review: Nikibiki Midnight Sublimation Capri Leggings

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First of all, let me start by saying I was not paid to give these Nikibiki Capri Leggings a raving 5 star review. Second of all, I am SO in love with them I wish they came in more color combinations so I could wear them every day.

I wore them to my boot-camp class that I’m forced to go to every week because my friend Katie insists that I’ll grow to love it (I don’t). However, I can tell you these capris completely turned my attitude around. I’m a firm believer in that if you’ve got to get down and dirty with some fitness, you might as well look cute doing it.

These performance capri leggings move with you like a second skin- they are soft, stretchy, and non-confining. There is even a little extra elastic ribbing on the sides so you can move as you please without them feeling too snug, and the moisture wicking material kept me cool and collected throughout my workout. The color intensity in real life is exactly how it is in the photos, and I received a good number of compliments from other gals at the park so you know they looked good. I would absolutely recommend these capris to not only the fitness buffs out there, but also the gals who just like to be comfortable and fashionable on their lazy days off.

Me in my capris- Taken by Katie cause she’s awesome like that

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