Oscar Menu Inspired by the 2017 Best Picture Nominees

oscars party menu 2017

The Oscars are coming! Sunday, February 26th to be exact. And I love me a good Oscar Party! My favorite thing about it is coming up with a menu inspired by the Best Picture Nominations. So without futher ado, here are my pics for a drool-worthy Oscar night!

Arrival – Grilled Calamari with lime

This was such an easy one, if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know why. A perfect light appetizer that’s simple and refreshing. If you don’t like calamari this way, you can try a classic fried recipe instead.

Fences – Chocolate Berry Biscuit Bombs

I was tempted to just pick a basic southern biscuit recipe for this one, but something about these just light up my eyes! And I’m sure Gabriel would enjoy them just as much.

Hacksaw Ridge – Popcorn Chicken Fried Steak

Another southern classic for the main character but turned into an easy to serve appetizer. If you have a terrible sense of humor like I do, you can serve these with chopsticks.

Hell Or High Water – Beer of choice

I usually try to mix in at least one featured drink or cocktail among the food items. So for this one I choose the two beers of choice for the main characters. Since they’re pretty much always taking what looks to be the best, more important sip of their lives. These two Texas favorites work great with all that fried southern food!

Hidden Figures – Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream

I love this recipe and its so easy to make! And everyone loves it! Serve with little cones or in small dishes for a large group.

La La Land – Chicken & Waffles Sliders

Perfect little bites for any Jazz club. Serve with the beer for extra movie cred!

Lion – Jalebi

After crying my eyes out at this movie, all I wanted in the world was to taste one of these! Here’s a great simple recipe to wow your guests.

Manchester By The Sea – Chicken Carbonara Lasagna Minis

A perfect little dish for this movie. Not too much to say about it, just one of the few food references I could find. I suppose you could also do something with fish here, but this seemed like a crowd pleaser.

Moonlight – Arroz Con Pollo

Obviously needed a big helping of this delicious dish after watching it being made with such care in the movie. Make a large batch and serve in either small bowls or little cups for a smaller bite.


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