Inspirational Breast Cancer Quotes

Sheryl Crow on Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has impacted thousands and continues to transform our lives and perspectives. Though everyone endures a unique course, knowing that others have shared similar experiences can give you the helping hand you need to persevere.

Perhaps you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer. Maybe you are going through chemotherapy. Maybe you have joined other esteemed survivors. Or perhaps you don’t have cancer but someone very close to you does.

These words of wisdom from survivors inspire and guide anyone who has been affected and assures us all that we are not alone. (Originally published by Healthline)

Giuliana Rancic on Surviving Breast Cancer
Giuliana Rancic
Melissa Ethridge on What Makes Her a Survivor
Melissa Ethridge
Sheryl Crow on being diagnosed with breast cancer
Sheryl Crow
Angelina Jolie on getting a double mastectomy
Angelina Jolie
Janet Napolitano on detecting her breast cancer early
Janet Napolitano
Kylie Minogue on the positive side of having breast cancer
Kylie Minogue
Caroline Monk on how she stayed strong
Caroline Monk
Cynthia Nixon on her and her mother's battle with breast cancer
Cynthia Nixon
Jaclyn Smith on how breast cancer changed her life
Jaclyn Smith
Robin Roberts on her strength battling cancer
Robin Roberts
Christina Applegate on how humor helped her battle
Christina Applegate
Peter Criss on why men should regularly get checked for breast cancer
Peter Criss
Betsey Johnson giving inspiration to patients
Betsey Johnson
Olivia Newton-John in her song "Why Me," a tribute to her battle with breast cancer
Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton John “Why Me” 1997 Video

If there are any powerful messages that give you inspiration or help you to maintain perspective, let us know in a comment!

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