5 Workouts You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Less

Let’s be real- there are some days when we honestly don’t have time to exercise, and when we finally get a break, we NEED that break. The thought of a full hour workout can be super daunting when you’ve already worked all day and are dealing with other life events that take up your “me time”. To help you feel a little less guilty and get those endorphins going, I’ve put together 5 workouts you can do in 5 minutes or less. The best part – you can do them just about anywhere. So throw on your workout gear and let’s get sweating with our 5 minute workouts!

1. Punisher Squat Challenge

RP Blog Air Squat

image via rockwellrectech.com

This exercise takes 4 minutes and will be done in sets of 20 and 10 seconds for 4 full reps. Start by doing as many air squats (shown above) as you can in 20 seconds. At the 20 second mark, stay low in the squat position for 10 seconds. When the 10 seconds is up, stand up and repeat the exercise 3 more times!

2. Burpee/Prisoner Squat Combo


image via fitsociety.nl

Burpees are my absolute favorite exercise! NOT. The thing about burpees is, yes they’re terrible, but they are so effective in working out several different areas at once while getting your heart rate up.  With this exercise, you’ll be switching between burpees (shown above) and prisoner squats. If you’re not sure how to do a prisoner squat, it’s basically a regular squat except that your hands will lace behind your head and your elbows as far away from your face as possible. Start by doing 20 burpees, and 1 prisoner squat. From there you’ll do 19 burpees/ 2 prisoner squats, 18 burpees/3 prisoner squats, and so on and so forth. Repeat the counting pattern until you reach 1 burpee/20 prisoner squats.

3. Quick Cardio Combo

1. 50 jumping jacks

RP Blog Jumping Jakcs

image via simplifity.com

2. 40 seal jacks

RP Blog seal jacks

image via skinnymom.com

Seal jacks are similar to your standard jumping jacks except instead of moving your hands above your head, you’ll bring them together in a swift motion with straight arms in front of your chest.

3. 30 cross body jacks

RP Blog cross body jacks

image via brookemarrone.com

With cross body jacks, jump with your legs spread apart and arms reaching out to the sides. On the next jump, cross your legs and arms in the middle then jump back out to standard position.

4. 20 air squats

RP Blog jump squats

image via tribesports.com

These are not your run of the mill squats. On your way up from the squat position, use power in your legs and booty to propel you upwards into a jump.

5. 10 burpees

You’re all pros at burpees by now, right?

4. Plank/Hip Raises Combo

RP Blog Plank

image via eatdrinkandbeskinny.com

Time this exercise for 5 minutes. Start by holding a plank position (shown above) for as long as you can. When you get to your breaking point, flip over onto your back and do 10 hip-raises with your feet planted on the floor. To do a hip-raise, simply lift your hips as high as they can go then lower them down slowly without touching the ground. Once you’ve completed 10 raises, flip back over to the plank position and repeat until the 5 minutes is up!

5. Wall Sit/ Run In Place Combo

RP Blog wall sit

image via fitstudio.com

Time this exercise for 4 minutes. Start by holding a wall sit for as long as you can. To do a wall sit, simply lean against a wall and slide down into a sitting position. Once you’ve exhausted your muscles, stand up and run in place for 10 seconds and then return to the wall sit position. Repeat this exercise until the 4 minutes is up. *Disclaimer*: It sounds A LOT easier than it is. Believe me.

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