With Great Niki Biki Clothing Comes Great Responsibility

Well, it doesn’t come with that much responsibility – just a little awareness really. As any fashionista knows, having nice clothes means having an understanding of proper care and treatment of these clothes. It’s not like having a pet, so don’t be afraid of nice things, but keeping organic cotton jeans out of the dryer and polyester away from cats takes special thought that the average t-shirt doesn’t require. We all lose sight at one point or another and decide not to dry clean a dress or decide to use the dryer “just this once” on a shirt whose logo may or may not melt. Understandably, most of us are leading busy lives and high maintenance clothing can be trying on the patience – but great style is worth every trip to the cleaners, ever hour waiting for air drying and every spilled color saving detergent for a chance to feel your best dressed.

The price of soft, quality fabrics that last isn’t free, and this goes for our own Niki Biki items that recently brought this subject to mind. A customer recently returned two Niki Biki camis with a couple of snags. She claimed the shirts may have been shipped in this condition, but our spidey senses and fashion experience detected something was amiss. The snags were in the same spot on each shirt and at just about purse/hip level – it had to have been velcro or the seat belt fastener in her car. Whether she was aware of this cause or not, we do not know and did not question as we have 100% satisfaction guarantee at all times. We accepted the return with no questions asked but it reminded us of our responsibility to you – some sound advice on the love and care of some of the clothes we carry!

My advice to any Niki Biki buyer….stay away from the following snagable items:

  • Velcro
  • Particle Board
  • Trees
  • Mean Cats!

Seat belt shoulder straps can also cause some unsightly marks on an otherwise perfect shirt. Something that  works for me is putting a towel over my shoulder while driving – acting as padding between strap and shirt. I may look like a drooling mother while carpooling but my shirts last much longer than without…and drives my kids absolutely nuts. Overall, just avoid thorny, spiky, sticky or rough surfaced dangers and keep in mind that your purchase will last ages with the proper precautions!

Always read the care instructions on your purchase as well and contact us if you have any questions about more specific product advice. We want your clothes looking great! It makes Repeat Possessions look as good as you if they do!

Do you have a snag story to share?? email us at: Repeat Possessions

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