What does a Bottle of Wine and a Camisole have in Common?

I get these crazy fun thoughts sometimes when I see names on wine. I will actually purchase because of the name or the colorful labels. I liked this one “3 Girls Wine” that’s being promoted at World Market, for 2 reasons….I have 3 girls and also hang out with 3 girls. So, why not bring a bottle to the hostess on our next dinner date and attach a camisole or 2 to the bottle? I would probably attach the 2 tops that might match the bottle’s colors, or select a couple tops that my friends don’t have. (Hard to remember what colors they have as they are always getting new ones from me).

3 Girls Wine

Suggestions for 3 Girls Wine…Red, Metal Grey & Black

So just an idea for those wanting to give more than a bottle. Pair it with our seamless wear and chat all night long. Maybe get a couple glasses and tuck our tops into the glasses and tie it all onto the bottle. No need to box it up, I believe the presentation of wine and color should make it splendid.

So there is a little gift idea for you.

If you need help coming up with ideas, just send us an email at Repeat Possessions, and we’d love to help brainstorm for that something special. – Cheers

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