Wearing Camo: The Do’s & Don’ts

Wearing Camo: celebrities

Women wearing camo always look tough and cool, but chic at the same time. Camo gives a masculine vibe because of its traditional use in the army. Yet it still looks amazing on women because of the edge it adds to the average outfit. Still, with any form of printed material, moderation is key. And there are as many unsuccessful ways of wearing camo as there are successful ways of wearing camo. So what can you do to make sure you don’t cross the line into a fashion faux pas?

With the help of Cosmopolitan, let’s take a look at the 8 Do’s and Don’t of Wearing Camo. These tips are sure to help you dress to impress or add a few creative adjustments to your everyday look!

1. DO Accessorizewearing camo: do accessorize

Accessorizing keeps wearing camo from looking overly boyish. Usually something simple like gold and silver chains or a few bangles are enough to make a huge difference. Shiny metals add a little sparkle to your camo ensemble. Keeping it fun and flirty without losing any edge. Add a little pop of color like red or neon nail polish for an even more polished look!







2. DON’T Wear It Head-to-Toe

If you’re not actually going out to do battle, there’s no need to cover up completely in camo! Yes, camo comes in many wonderful shapes and forms from the classic military jacket to skinny jeans to dresses to stilettos. But let each piece stand on its own!

Wearing camo: collage

3. DO Add Color

Now it is common knowledge that camo does well with muted, neutral tones and black and white. But it may come to some of you as a surprise that adding bold, vibrant colors can add some fun to your outfit. And wearing camo with soft pastels creates a more feminine and gentle look. Doesn’t the neon orange paired with camo look cheerful? Pairing camo with a warm color like burgundy is perfect for fall while pairing it with pastels shout spring and summer!

Wearing Camo with Neon Wearing Camo with Burgundy Wearing Camo with Pastels

4. DO Show Some Skin

It doesn’t hurt to remind folks of the hot momma just beneath the surface of your camouflage. Show a little leg with a cute miniskirt. Or, if you’ve got the confidence, a little midriff looks great too.

Wearing camo showing skin Wearing camo showing skin

5. DON’T Mix It with Animal PrintWearing camo with leopard

Although I’m of the opinion that an inconspicuous handbag couldn’t hurt, animal print and camo generally look alike. And that takes us back to rule #2: Don’t Wear Camo from Head-to-Toe!





So to avoid looking too busy, I’d suggest wearing camo against other, more subtle prints. As you can see below, surprisingly camo looks darn cute with polka dots.

Wearing camo with polka dots

Not to mention, a hint or a splash of plaid also creates favorable results!

Wearing camo with plaid Wearing camo with plaid Wearing camo with plaid

I’d also suggest wearing camo with fabrics that have a different texture. Lace always adds an ounce of femininity !

Wearing camo with lace Wearing camo with lace Wearing camo with lace

6. DO Wear It in Unexpected Places

Camo jackets and jeans have become a bit more run-of-the-mill these days. So wearing camo in an unexpected way has become a new trend. Wearing camo on particularly feminine fashion items will turn heads.

Wearing camo skirt  Wearing camo skirt

7. DON’T Be Shapeless.

If you wear too much loose and relaxed camo clothing, you might get swallowed up in the pattern and fabric. Add something fitted to your camo look to keep your figure intact! An over-sized camo jacket looks great with a form fitting dress.

A mini-skirt is another great option to pair with a loose-fitting camo jacket. Nikibiki Bandage Skirts especially make sure to accentuate your curves in the right way!

8. DO Wear Camo at Night

Camo looks just as great at night as it does in the daytime because…it looks amazing with metallic and sparkly clothing and accessories! Just a little bit of camo can transform your outfit! Just ask Rihanna 😉

Rihanna wearing camo

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