Wearing Stripes in Style

Women have often been told to avoid wearing stripes for a variety of reasons, including the long-standing myth that stripes make us look like fat clowns. But as you are already well aware, more and more stylish alternatives of wearing stripes have surfaced over the last few years!

You might have seen the fabulous Lupita Nyong’o wearing stripes in style at the 2014 CDFA Fashion Awards.

Lupita Nyong'o Wearing Stripes CFDA 2 Lupita Nyong'o Wearing Stripes CFDA Lupita Nyong'o Wearing Stripes CFDA Back

Some of the critics made comments that her striped jumpsuit looked like something straight out of her upcoming role in Star Wars: Episode VII. But I think she pulled off her vibrant, striped jumpsuit with matching red pumps and bold blue eyeshadow graciously. Well, it helps that she’s also really fit and gorgeous! What do you think, was it a hit or miss?

Maybe we all can’t be as bold as the lovely Lupita, but we can try less outrageous striped styles without needing an extra bout of courage! These 5 styles and tips will help you forget those cautionary tales against wearing stripes.

1. Horizontal Stripes Don’t Necessarily Make You Look Fat

Reese Witherspoon wearing stripesAs you can see here, Reese Witherspoon doesn’t look any less fit in her horizontal stripes! Nautical stripes have become quite the rage. They look adorable with Ms. Witherspoon’s skinny jeans and ballet flats. But they’d also look cute with shorts or skirts and some wedges. Her nautical stripes are particularly successful because of the variety in width of the stripes! I think the change in the width of the stripes keeps the pattern from adding any extra pounds to your figure. So keep that in mind when looking for your perfect nautical piece!

2. Choose Vertically Striped Pants Over Horizontally Striped Ones

Celebrities wearing stripes: pantsVertically striped pants add length to your legs, always a good thing in my opinion! And these celebrities show just how much variety there is. Which style do you prefer? Would you rather don a skintight, zipper embellished pair of striped jeans like Hilary Duff? Or the more 70s-inspired, flared pants worn by Piper Perabo? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s pinstripe pants are reminiscent of a circus fun house but still attractive. And Nicole Richie’s pair is even more baggy, creating a bold and relaxed look.

These are all classic black and white, but other colors look great too. I’m a big fan of this look! The color palette is gorgeous and the cropped striped pants are on my wish-list!

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Wearing Stripes with Another Print or Pattern

I admit that with this one, you MUST use caution! Your outfit can go from cute to busy in a matter of seconds! I haven’t been too successful with mixing and matching patterns and prints. But when you nail it, it looks really cute! Above Nicole Richie looks great pairing her bold stripes with a floral-checkered print top. Somehow her top isn’t quite as loud as her pants. I think this might be key to successfully wearing stripes with other prints! Some of my favorite combinations have been stripes and floral patterns. What do you think of these?

Wearing stripes with floral Wearing stripes with floral 2 Maybe it’s the bright orange that attracts my attention. But if I could find floral skirts like these, I’d pair them with stripes!

Florals aren’t the only print that can look great with stripes. Anne Hathaway’s look here gives some credit to wearing stripes with polka dots too!

Wearing stripes with polka dotsAnd she’s not the only one who’s pulling it off! Check out how these local fashionistas have been rocking the stripes-and-polka-dot look.


And if you want to take polka dots to a more extreme level…wearing stripes with leopard print is another option to consider.

Wearing stripes with leopard print4. Try Wearing Stripes with Stripes!

I know stripes seem like a lot to swallow, so it seems redundant to wear them in more than one form. But sometimes extra stripes can create favorable results! Just keep in mind that it is helpful if your two or so stripe patterns have something in common like color or width variation. Check out these looks for some ideas!

Wearing stripes with stripes

5. Try Wearing Stripes with Neon

A pop of color like neon keeps you from looking like you just sprung out of jail…well, maybe back in the fifties since nowadays its common knowledge that orange is the new black (and white)! This look from The Fashion Canvas is one worth imitating.

Wearing stripes with neon

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