Trend Alert: Americana

We love sporting red, white and blue and not just on the 4th of July. This year sharing our American Spirit is popular all year long. Americana is in!



Did you know that almost every item that we carry on Repeat Possessions web site comes in the different color options including red, white and blue? You want yoga pants, we got them in every color. Wanting a sports bra, tank, camisole, tube dress, shorts?…You name it, we have it in every color including red, white and blue, imagine that!



Search hashtag #redwhiteblue on instagram for lots of cute ALL American outfit ideas and accessories.

Personally, I love everything red, white and blue. I just wonder why we categorize it that way …why not blue, white & red? Why must it flow one way better than another? Hummm????

Anyway, we love our country and are proud to represent it by wearing our all American colors. I love seeing red against a dark completion. I love seeing navy blue on light colored skin. I adore when girls can wear white, which reflect a strong personality. Combining them all together is a totally great look supporting our heritage and love of our country.

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