Trend Alert: Overalls Are Back?

Guess what?! Overalls are back!

Yes I mean it.

No, don’t cry.

But seriously. It appears that overalls have made a comeback and celebs from Rihanna to Keira Knightley are being spotted in these denim throwbacks.



I’m not really sure how I feel about this trend coming back. I mean, I wore these as a kid like they were my own skin. I owned so many pairs I probably should have had an intervention. In fact, all my girlfriends had them. It was the COOLEST thing to wear. The baggier the better. I mean, who is going to disagree when you have N*sync, TLC AND Alex Mac wearing them? It was a 90’s no brainer!




So forgive me if I don’t jump back into the trend with gusto. I tread lightly for fear of regretting pictures of myself resurfacing when these are no longer cool. Again.


But then I see people like Ashley Madekwe wearing these and my heart skips a beat…maybe I DO like them…

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