Metallic Temporary Tattoos



I’m so in love with the newest trend in temporary tattoos! Metallic temporary tattoos from Flash Tattoos are made to look like jewelry, among other little do-dads and more traditional tattoo themes. But all in a gorgeous metallic finish with really amplifies the look! Normally I don’t wear bracelets or lots of heavy layered jewelry because I fuss with it too much. So I love this alternative! I can wear maybe one bangle with a few of these and looks like I’m all decked out! What do you think of the metallic look? Would you sport some at the next holiday party?


And speaking of temporary tattoos. I love that they’ve gotten a revival of sorts. No longer are temporary tattoos just for kids at the pizza shop quarter machine. Although, you have to admit that panther in flames is looking pretty rad! But companies like Flash Tattoos have elevated the style of temps for adults to enjoy as well!

temp tattoos

But they aren’t the only ones! There is also Tattly, which brings you unique designs int temporary tattoo form. tattly tattly

They offer so many different designs, from kiddy stuff to sophisticated business fox. They make great gifts for parties or if you’re non-committal but want to an entire tattoo sleeve! What I love about them is that if you are into tattoos, it can be a great way to test an idea out. They do custom designs so if you want to have something worked up, go for it!

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