Transition a Maxi Skirt for Fall

Maxi skirts are all the rage in summer, but you can easily transition the popular summer maxi skirt for fall looks. Just add a few fall staples to your maxi skirt to create an outfit that you can wear comfortably this fall. You can also transition maxi dresses for the fall using the same staple pieces as well!

1. Add a Denim Jacket

Simple, but so effective. Adding a denim jacket to transition your maxi skirt or dress is effortless! It will keep you warm and stylish during the fall! I usually stay away from flat shoes when I wear maxi skirts or dresses because I look super short, but this young lady shows that a bright pair of converse can do wonders for an otherwise simple look!

Her headband is also a great touch! Deepa Gurnani makes gorgeous headbands that you can add to your fall look.

2. Add a Leather Jacket

Another simple way to transition your maxi skirt for fall – just toss on a leather jacket. Instead of the fun and flirty look of the denim jacket, you’ll create a little more edge. Pair your maxi skirt with a more form-fitting crop top or camisole!

3. Add an Embellished Coat

I think you may be getting the idea that whatever outerwear you decide to pair with your maxi skirt for fall can change your entire look. Wearing an embellished coat with a statement necklace makes for an outfit that will definitely turn heads and catch people’s attention. But if you decide to wear a colorful coat like this one, be sure to balance the design with a more subdued maxi skirt or dress! Black, shades of grey, and shades of brown make for great neutral tones to wear with an embellished coat.

4. Wear a Hat, Cardigan or Jacket, and a Scarf

Nothing says fall like a scarf! Deck your outfit with an infinity scarf or an otherwise lightweight scarf. Since it is fall, don’t forget to bring out the boots or booties! And these days wide-brimmed hats are all the rage, so it might be time for you to reintroduce the hat back into your wardrobe as well!

Maxi skirt for fallMaxi skirt for fall 2

5. Put on a Big Chunky Sweater

I think it goes without saying that a big chunky sweater is probably one of the most iconic fall staples! Wearing one with a maxi skirt will give you that ethereal look that comes from the flowing material. So float into the streets draped in a chunky sweater and flowing maxi skirt!

Elan has a similar black and beige cardigan that would look adorable with a dark maxi skirt!

6. Throw on a Blazer

Wearing a blazer with a maxi skirt adds a hint of sophistication. Pairing your maxi skirt-blazer combination with a cute hat, dark shades, and dangling earrings like this fashionista also adds to the mystery and charm!

If you’re a big fan of the maxi skirt or the maxi dress and are looking for a new one to don throughout the year, check out some of the styles at Repeatpo!

maxi skirt for fall T-Party Maxi skirt for fall T-Party 2 T-Party Maxi DressMaxi skirt for fall T-Party 3

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