Throwback Thursdays: Overalls

Drew Barrymore 90s Overalls

Drew Barrymore 90s Overalls

Whether you’re in the US or out here in Hong Kong with me, overalls have made their way back into the fashion scene. I remember wearing them when I was ten! But now it is perfectly normal to see a grown woman sporting the 90s trend! I think it helps when you’re a little less voluptuous as overalls don’t always cater to my curves, but I think that the comeback fashion statement is pretty cute!

Here are some of my favorite outfits I’ve come across on the web! To which style do you give your stamp of approval?

 Casual Business Overalls

Despite the distressed attributes, I include this outfit in the “Casual Business” section because of the dark wash. This blogger from Ireland creates a really sensible look pairing the sleek overalls with a simple striped long-sleeve top and black loafers. Simple but stylish.

I think this getup also fits into Casual Business. Love the shoes and the lace accented blouse. This is a woman in charge.

Mary Seng Overalls

I’m also a huge fan of this look by Mary Seng of Happily Grey. Not only does she look cool and casual, but her sneakers also tell you that she’s a woman with places to go! Check out her blog Happily Grey for even more fashion inspirations! She has a few more styles featuring chic overalls as well!

Classic Blue

I think it goes without saying that we can’t ignore the classic light blue denim of the 90s when considering overall trends. This one stands out because it doesn’t mess around. It is what it is. Just a pair of overalls not trying to hide behind a particular cut or style. But the effect of linking only one strap instead of two – magical!

I’m also a big fan of this outfit. Overalls at the beach may seem like a crazy idea. But anyone who watched the movie She’s All That at the ripe age of adolescence will know what I’m talkin about!

She's All That Overalls

Here’s a style straight from Hong Kong!

I love the way she rocks a full-on hoodie beneath her overalls. But I wonder what month that was because the whole time that I have been in Hong Kong, I have never needed to be that warm except for in our excessively air-conditioned office!

Spring and Summer White

I think that the white styles are much more 2015 than 1990! Or at least they’re not as iconic as the classic blue overalls. But they are just as cute.

White Overalls

Cropped Overalls

And last but not least, cropped overalls for the summer and all of those music festivals!

Cropped OverallsCropped Overalls 2

White Cropped Overalls1990s Katie Holmes in Coveralls

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