Throwback Thursday: 1970s Fashion

I’m a firm believer that fashion trends always come back around. And with all the nostalgia of the Internet, I’m sure 1970s fashion will be coming back soon too!

I know I haven’t…matured so much that I should own relics of fashion’s past. But I had a fondness for vintage stores and styles growing up!

I was never the most fashion-savvy girl. I liked what I liked, and that often included bright colors and knee-high socks. Yup, I owned a couple dozen pairs of socks just like these through middle school and high school.

1970s Fashion: Knee-High Socks

I would have definitely worn this getup had I not gone to private school. I don’t think my classmates would have let me live it down wearing something so similar to my school uniform outside of school!

1970s Fashion: Knee-High Socks and Plaid

I have gradually moved away from knee-high socks since I didn’t forever want to look like a private school girl! But I have a collection of colorful stockings like no other. They’re perfect for playing around with different shades and hues of the same color like this!

1970s Fashion: Colorful Tights

How I would love for this look to come back soon! The cute little beret on the girl on the left is a nice touch. The patterns mingling with solid colors of the skirts and tights get my stamp of approval too! Thank goodness at least for HUE Tights!

There are some styles that I hope will come back into style soon. I’m not too confident with form-fitting styles, so these jumpers are on my wish list.

1970s Fashion: Jumpers

But every now and then I’ll see something from back then or from today’s fashion world. And I think that the two aren’t so different.

1970s College Style: Rompers

These rompers wouldn’t look out of place in 2014. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all over the mall actually!

And here’s just a little more evidence that fashion comes and goes full-circle! Pantsuits and hot pants!

1970s-vintage-jumpsuits-fashion-influence-2011 1970s-hot-pants-fashion-influence-2011-e1295032584965

But 70s fashion isn’t complete without mentioning platform shoes and bell-bottoms!

1970s Fashion: Platforms 1970s Fashion: Bellbottoms

Gee Wawa Footwear has come out with new platform shoes for the current generation. I’ve seen wide-leg pants but I have yet to see the really wide bell-bottom pants of the 70s! Perhaps they’ll make their debut soon!

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