Superbowl: Food, Commercials & Fashion, oh and Football

Party Time! Superbowl Sunday it’s all about the FOOD, the commercials and the FASHION!! what to wear?! oh yeah….and Football. Ok, maybe half-time too! Let’s not forget that infamous “wardrobe malfunction” The first thing I think about when I get my invite is what am I going to bring? We all have our “go-to” recipe – the one that never fails, mine is Texas Caviar, so much in fact that every time I bring this appetizer I also bring printed recipes to share! Texas Caviar is one of those appetizers that can be used in so many ways: appetizer, condiment or salad. Goes great with chips, crackers or bread. Try it on hamburgers or grilled chicken…or eat it all by it’s yummy self! and… it’s healthy too!

Here you go…enjoy!

Texas Caviar

Mix & Chill for 2 hrs:
1 T. Tabasco
3 T. Red Wine Vinegar
2 T. Salad Oil
2 t. Garlic Salt

1 15oz can Black eyed peas
1 11oz can corn

Chop & Mix with Dressing:
1 Bunch green onion
1 Bunch cilantro
2 Avocados
2 tomatoes

If you’re going to a BIG HUNGRY party – by all means DOUBLE!! the recipe is not going to waste..I promise 🙂

What’s your favorite part of Superbowl Sunday? Food, Commercials or Fashion?

Commercials? you’re going to LOVE this ….

Food? here’s some more great recipes ….

Fashion? what are you going to wear? LOTS of FUN stuff out there!!
Our Repeat Possessions Seamless Collection comes in over 85 colors & patterns to match any team!
and they’re perfect for layering – check them out here!
How about these Rough Justice Claudette platforms – super cute & comfy – LOVE platforms!
and these super skinny Lola jeggings by !iT Jeans in Vinyl are perfect to go with your jersey!
So…whatcha gunna wear?

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