Team Spirit and Sorority Spirit

Now that the school year has commenced again it’s time to show your team spirit and sorority spirit! Spirithoods and sorority colors are just what you need!

Repeat Possessions has a large assortment of Spirithoods that will help you to show your pride in your team! We currently have Spirithoods of some of the more popular school mascots including the Grey Wolf.

Team Spirit Grey Wolf Spirithoods

But if your school has a more obscure mascot, you can also take on the form of other animals to show off your ferocity! We’ve got Leopard, Snow Leopard, Red Fox, and Magic Bear Spirithoods as well!

Team Spirit Leopard Spirithood Team Spirit Snow Leopard Spirithood Team Spirit Red Fox Spirithood Team Spirit Magic Bear Spirithood

And for anyone who is an Oregon Duck, you’ll be happy to know that the Oregon Ducks Spirithood is also specially available at Repeatpo! This spirithood is a must-have for all of your upcoming football, hockey, basketball games ~ you name it!

Oregon Ducks Spirithood And if you’ve got just as much love and enthusiasm for your sorority as you do for your school team, get some staples in the colors of your sorority to show off your spirit! Nikibiki offers their super comfortable and stretchy Seamless Signature Camisoles in over fifty colors!

Sorority Spirit Nikibiki Camisole

Here are some example ensembles for Delta Zeta, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Sigma Kappa that combine Nikibiki Camisoles and Bandeau Tops, Beaded Bra Straps, and Kewikase Leather ID Holders!

Sorority Spirit Delta ZetaSorority Team Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Team Sigma Kappa


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