Show off your baby bump with Repeat Seamless Camis

The days of hiding the Bump are gone! No need to drown yourself under baggy shirts. Instead, show off your momma-to-be curves! Summer can very uncomfortable for expecting mothers. It can be a challenge finding cute tops that are comfortable and offer enough coverage to keep you decent!…But we have the answer for you! Our seamless line includes maternity sizes! (Here is a little secret…you can wear the regular RP4011 camisoles an the Ribbed or regular racer backs during your maternity days and still wear them after delivery…..Morgan is proof!)

Here is one of our lovely customers just a week before her due date and she’s looking fabulous!

Repeat Maternity Camisole – $22
Tons of colors!
Layer for smoothing out curves

Since we’re on the subject of Baby Bump Pride! You should also check out Art Bellies! for a truly unique way to document your pregnancy. Create a beautiful and personal work of art for your nursery. Or incorporate the activity into your baby shower as a game!

For even more fun they have an iphone app! Turn any photo into a masterpiece! I can’t stop playing with it! Andrea sent me one of her creations already!

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