July Birthstone: Ruby

July Birthstone: Rubyruby

Move over diamond, the ruby is in town. July’s birthstone is ruby and with its deep, powerful red tones it was once seen as the only stone to give as a declaration of your love.

In fact, in Ancient Hindu the ruby was seen as the “king of gems”. Symbolizing peace and harmony, the ruby is supposed to bring strength of character to its wearer as well as guaranteeing wisdom, health and wealth.

It’s also one of the most durable gems for everyday wear, and one of the rarest too.



Gift Ideas for Ruby

If buying a precious gem isn’t your style, don’t fret. You can still give a meaningful gift with a “mock” ruby or something in a bright red. Put together these items in a gift basket for that special someone to pay homage to their birthstone.



Enchanting Bra Straps from Jeweled Bra Straps // Red Wrap Bracelet from Nikibiki // Lace Camisole from Nikibiki// Radiant Rubies from Jeweled Bra Straps

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