Repeat Possessions Dresses Turn Heads at Shark Club

Girls Night Out

Since we’re still celebrating “Shark Week” thought I’d have one of my daughter’s friend write a guest blog today….you’ll see why.

Meet Perri…she seems to hit me up on the nights that she has something special going on. This one night, her and Becky (my daughter) got dolled up and hit a local club. Here is what she has to say:

“When going to a club or any event that will have you dancing the night away, be sure to have an outfit that offers comfort and style. The Repeat Tiered Dress that Repeat Possessions offers did just that. This dress was super comfortable and super cute; it allowed me to dance freely without having to worry about the dress riding up. Becky, also in search of something stylish yet comfortable, stumbled upon the ¾ length sleeve seamless dress in black. This dress is classy and elegant yet modern and trendy. Compliment after compliment poured in that night at Shark Club. (Our Shark Week plug) These curve hugging dresses got the attention of everyone in the club. Check out these head turning show stopping dresses!”

Get Perri’s Outfit:

Repeat Possessions Tiered Dress – 4 color choices

Bonjour Bell “Teardrop Necklace” Necklace


Becky’s Outfit:

Repeat Possessions ¾ length sleeve dress

Humanity Bracelet

Rough Justice Shoes – Adrian


Now…if you don’t believe that these dresses are one-size-fits-all….ck out this maternity pic, compliments of Yummy Mummy Style blog.

We also ♥ the Adrian shoes in the burgundy

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