Relics by Robin Bling Collection

Relics by Robin Short Necklace

It never hurts to spice up your outfit with a little bit of bling. As long as it is tasteful and matches, bling can add a little extra charm and sparkle to a dress or blouse. Just as with their bold and beautiful neon collection, Relics by Robin has delivered another stunning collection – one that brings out the bling!

Bling It On Earrings

Relics by Robin Bling Earrings Relics by Robin Bling Earrings 2

As you can see, these Relic by Robin earrings include a gorgeous Swarovski pearls and crystal beads. The crystal beads have hints of yellow, pink, and orange. So your earrings will sparkle like the sun when the light hits them! The dangling pair are great for when you wear your hair up, but they’re also still noticeable when your hair is down too.

 Bling It On Necklaces

Relics by Robin Lariat Necklace Relics by Robin Short Necklace

These two necklaces also include the beautiful Swarovski pearls and crystal beads. Like the neon collection, the Relics by Robin necklaces come in two varieties. The longer Lariat style with its lightweight silver aluminum chain can make for a great addition to a dress or even a dress suit. The shorter, chunky Bling It On necklace makes for a great statement piece.

 3 Strand Silver Chain Boot Bling

Boot Bling

These unique accessories make a great fashion statement, adding a little something special to your boots. They’ll draw everyone’s attention to your boots. Also, the strong metal will last throughout the wear and tear of your daily hustle!

Check out other styles by Relics by Robin at Repeatpo!

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