Real People Wearing One Size Fits Most

When we say one size fits most, we mean it. After looking back at some old pics, I came across this amazing picture. You might not see it as I do, but this is what I see:

3 girls 3 bodies

♥ 3 girls wearing the same thing. What you don’t see is that we have inter-changed them or swapped them out many times. So much so, that I believe my girls have taken much with them to college because when I look for some of my camisoles or crop leggings, they are nowhere to be found. Go figure.

♥ These racer backs, leggings, tanks and camisoles are still with us today…This picture was 2 years ago! They last a very long time if you care for them properly. (I machine wash, dry flat)

♥ We have gained weight and lost weight all while keeping the same wardrobe. I love that these stay with you during good and bad times. Nothing worse than having to buy larger sizes when you are battling the bulge, or waiting to buy a smaller size when you get to your goal weight. All that takes time. These, my friend, will support you during those life time moments!

The 3 people in this photo are: Andy, (me-Owner of Repeat Possessions…49 at the time), Becky, (daughter-17 at the time) and Kimmy Jo, my other daughter, who was 19 at the time. Kimmy is also wearing our Gee Wawa Shoes and black beret….She is sporting the Leopard cami which is on sale today 9/5-9/14/11 Use code “LEOPARD” for 25% off.

As you can tell, it was a super casual, workout/cleaning day……this is how many of us live on our days off…..Just real people…..

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