Rave reviews from another Repeat customers about her T-Party Yoga Pants

Well, just thought I would share. We get emails all the time from our wonderful customers and just want you to know we LOVE hearing from you. Because of your feedback, we know what you want to see more of.
So, Michelle, THANK YOU for letting us share your wonderful note and glad we can make you a fashionista in Minneapolis.

We have added more T-Party yoga pants since your recent order and have more being added online tomorrow. See….feedback is what helps us keep you stylin.

Here is a really nice note from Michelle……..

Hi there.
I just wanted to tell you that people are going crazy over your yoga pants here in Minnesota! I think you should send me business cards so I can hand them out!!! I get stopped no matter where I am at, from the gym, to out shopping, even at my Dr apt! My friends think they look amazing and cannot wait to order some for themselves.
I keep giving your website out (Repeat Possessions) and I rave about how awesome your items are on my Facebook and Twitter pages!
They have to be some of the best pants for the absolute best price.
I am so happy you just added a few new ones…I can’t wait to order more!
Hopefully I am doing a great job in advertising them for you!!!
Thanks again!!

Michelle from Minneapolis

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