Pantone Gives You a Niki Biki Camisole Color of the Day

Well….You Learn Something New Everyday.

Did you know there is a color of the day? A color of the year too?

If you are lucky enough to have a birthday today, then you need to have a Niki Biki Camisole to celebrate your “special-ness”.

Today’s Birthday Color is: Nostalgia Rose
Pantone color 17-1512

Niki Biki’s closest color match is called “Dusty Pink

Michele Bernhardt’s designer, keeps us in tune with our colors. Here is what she says about the January 5th birthday girl.

“YOU are creative and talented and have an understanding of life and human nature that contributes to your wisdom. Intelligent yet emotional, you want a vehicle that helps you express yourself and your ideas. Your sensitivity needs an outlet to avoid becoming isolated. The key to your happiness lies in expressing your ideas, thoughts and feelings. Your personal color helps ease your mental restlessness. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Nostalgia Rose connects you to the greater good and helps ease any emotional conflicts.

So, with that said and the great good surrounding you, you can’t go wrong. Your Niki Biki Collection is just a click away. Keep posted for more new color news from Colorstrology, Pantone & Repeat Possessions.

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