OhJamie and Gee WaWa Captivate Peoples Revolution’s Kelly Cutrone

OhJamie and Gee WaWa Fantasia have done it again!

Kelly Cutrone knows a good thing when she sees it! As a fashion publicist and the founder of the public relations, branding and marketing firm People’s Revolution ( remember… The Hills and The City?) it’s no easy (feet) feat to get Kelly’s attention. Unless, of course, you’re a fantastic pair of Gee WaWa Fantasia Lace-up Boots on Melbourne Boy OhJamie. Yes, it’s true. The right pair of remarkable shoes will get you noticed! Jamie is our inspiration and he’ll be yours too, we promise – follow his blog OhJamie here.

We love following where Jamie goes after we ship his Gee WaWa’s from the US to Australia. This guy lives on the fashion cutting edge. First there was the Fatale and it was love at first Gee WaWa sight. A Melbourne boy like this is sure to get noticed for his unique style: Read The Age and The Herald Sun. As with all true obsessions there has to be more: enter Fantasia and Ms. Kelly Cutrone. Up next for Jamie… Further by Gee WaWa. We now can only wonder who or where he will be next…stay tuned!

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