Niki Biki Charcoal Items Are Flying Off The Shelves. It’s The Color Of The Day

Black has long since been a dominant color when it comes to clothing, especially those of a designer label. Black tops, dresses, shoes, and even coats are most often black. This is because typically black clothes have slenderizing properties, look provocative, and can be very sexy and alluring. Things are changing however and there’s a new kid on block when it comes to popular colors for designer fashions. That color happens to be charcoal and because it’s popularity is skyrocketing, many in the high fashion industry are calling charcoal the new black.

As a result one specific designer, Niki Biki has produced a large number of charcoal colored clothing. Niki Biki Camisoles, Niki Biki Drawstring Jackets, and even Niki Biki Cardigans have become hot items for retailers who carry the clothing line.

Aside from the many different types of Niki Biki Tops, Niki Biki Sweaters are extremely popular with shoppers right now. Not only do Niki Biki Sweaters sport a very stylish look but they’re ultra comfortable and will keep a wearer warm even in the coldest of months. Additionally Niki Biki Sweaters in charcoal are among the top sellers in fall and winter designer fashions.

Charcoal clothing is hot right now not just with Niki Biki but with other high fashion designers as well. T-Party Yoga Pants for example have always been popular but charcoal T-Party Yoga Pants are selling much more than any other color right now. And how cute are the matching Toezies?

Here are some examples of charcoal colored high fashion clothing that might interest you.

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